The agreed final statement of work represents a written contract for the exact work to be completed at the price quoted along as any agreement made verbally is not covered by the contract unless it has been written into said contract. 
No additional work will be undertaken without written or electronic agreement between both parties. If a customer makes changes to their property or building after receiving a quote from T & L the customer must advise us of all changes made as soon as possible, so that their quote can be revised. Any changes made without notifying us may cause a delay in the work until a price has been agreed for any changes. Attached with this agreement will be the original quotation accepted by client. 

Once quotation has been accepted a 10% non refundable deposit will be required. 


Completion times are guidelines and although we will endeavour to complete the work in the time frame intimated, we will not be held liable for failure to complete the scheduled works within the estimated time frame. Similarly, it may be that by employing extra resources we can finish a project more quickly than estimated In which case the price of the quote will still remain the same unless of any agreement between T&L and current client. 


We may on occasion request that tools be left on site overnight. The client reserves the right to decline such requests.


It is the responsibility of the client to remove valuable and/or fragile items from the areas to be decorated. • To remove pictures and other wall-hangings. • To remove electrical goods. • To remove any or all items of furniture requested by T & L to facilitate the effective provision of the decorating service. a. Assistance can be provided with the repositioning and/or removal of bulky furniture items and goods, but will incur an additional charge (for which a fee will be agreed and included in the quote). b. We reserve the right to decline to move goods if the condition is at risk of damage to the equipment or the property. c. We reserve the right to decline to move particularly heavy or bulky items if they present a higher than accepted health and safety risk. Any items not moved prior to the commencement of works that were agreed would be moved by the client are left at the client’s own risk and T & L will take no responsibilities.


If at the end of the job the client is dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, they must inform us on the SAME DAY of completion. Clients must allow T & L to effect a remedy using our own tradespersons and under no circumstances will we be held liable for the costs of reparations by third parties that we have not expressly agreed to in writing.


It is Necessary the client must make themselves available on the last day of the project for consultation and final sign-off for the project. At this meeting, any defects or queries will be logged and agreed in writing on the invoice sheet. In the event that the client is unavailable, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the client accepts that the project has been completed to their satisfaction and payment in full is due. 


T & L will not tolerate aggressive or rude behaviour, racism, nationalism; sexism, chauvinism, homophobia or ageism directed towards any of its staff or tradespersons and reserves the right to terminate the project at any time in this event.


We accept Cash and Bank transfers for settlement of your account. Our staff are not permitted to accept payments - to pay for your completed job, you must pay T & L directly cash or bank transfer as originally agreed. Please Note: Payments need to be made on completion of project before T&L leave your property.